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Chia Pudding

September 14th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

IMG_3359It’s been so long since I’ve written a post, or even thought of writing a post that I actually forgot how to sign into my WordPress account.  After some sleuth work, I finally figured it out.  Fewf.  Nice to see you all – and I would love to say I’m back for good, but life is quite busy, so we’ll see how it goes.

The changing season always inspires me to find new recipes that fit the mood, and this season I have become particularly inspired.  Although I am mortified that summer is coming to a bitter end, I am finding comfort in some of the recipes I’m digging up and the changes of colour at the local market.  I’ve also made a conscious effort to up my fruit and vegetable intake as I head into marathon season; to eat more whole foods as opposed to processed options, which brings me to this recipe.  The alternative to this meal for me would be a ready-made vegan yogurt and berries bought from the local market, but this is just so much better.  If you are a tapioca fan, this is going to rock your world.  Great for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert, Chia pudding is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world.

The recipe is so easy, you are going to want to eat this on a daily basis because it literally takes a second to make.  Here we go.


  • 3 cups unsweetened nut milk
  • 1/2 cup chia seeds
  • 1-3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup, to taste


  1. Whisk the nut milk, chia seeds, and sweetener together in a large bowl. Let sit for 5-10 minutes and then whisk again (this just helps prevent clumping).IMG_3354
  2. Cover and chill in the fridge overnight.
  3. Stir well before serving. Keep in an air-tight container in the fridge for 3-5 days.

I often have this for breakfast with fresh fruit and sprinkled with granola. You can top it with pretty much anything you like.  Another one of my favourite things to do is to blend some sort of fruit or berry with the nut milk before adding the chia seeds, and you end up with a flavoured variation – SO GOOD.IMG_3356



Gluten Free Protein Power Cookies

January 3rd, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Wow.  Finally, a day off with no obligations!

I had hoped to bring you a plethora of delicious vegan Christmas treats and recipes over the month of December, but running the restaurant got a wee bit crazy and the days turned into nights and the breakfasts turned into lunch and dinner, and before I knew it…it was New Years and the season had come and gone.  Next year my plan is to bring it to you in November so you have the month of December to enjoy the recipes and make them over several times! But enough excuses…on to 2012!

Working in a restaurant is ironic.  I’m surrounded by food and options galore, and yet I never seem to get to eat.  Sometimes I find myself going 10-12 hours without a meal or a snack, simply because I’m running around all day.  We are always too busy feeding the masses.  Part of my New Year’s resolution was to be more organized and to have handy snacks on hand for a quick energy boost back stage.  What did I come up with?  Cookies.  Yes, that’s right.  I’m giving you permission to use cookies as a meal replacement.  This one’s for you Megan! (maybe try having a piece of fruit on the side).

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Yields:  2 dozen cookies

Whole Almonds, and then ground into Almond Meal

Chia ground in a coffee grinder

3/4 cup of almond meal (this can either be bought or you can grind up almonds in a high-speed blender)
1/2 cup of gluten-free oats
1/2 cup of organic coconut flour
1 cup of sucanat (unrefined cane juice) coconut palm sugar or beet sugar
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
1 teaspoon of baking powder
3/4 cup of almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
1 tablespoon ground chia seeds (ground flax seed works as well)
1/4 cup of agave nectar or maple syrup
1/4 cup of light olive oil or coconut oil (melted)
1/3 cup of organic almond butter
1/2 cup of dried cherries
1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
1/2 cup of dairy-free dark chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 350F.  Prepare two cookie sheets with parchment paper (I like parchment as it’s a quick clean up at the end).  Set aside.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the milk and chia (or flax).  Let sit for a few minutes while you prepare the dry ingredients.

Dry ingredients combined with chocolate chips and dried cherries

In a large mixing bowl, mix together everything from the almond meal, to the baking powder.  Add the chocolate chips, dried cherries and chopped nuts and set aside.

Your milk and chia mixture (or flax if you are using flax) should have thickened considerably.   Add the agave, olive oil, almond butter and whisk together until combined.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry and combine thoroughly.

Drop large spoonfuls of the cookie dough onto the prepared cookie sheets.  These cookies do not spread, nor do they rise considerably, so you want to basically flatten them down until they are the same thickness from the center to the edge.  You can use the back of a spoon or the back of a fork.

Bake at 350F for 20 minutes.  This will give you a nice soft chewy cookie.  If you prefer your cookies to be a bit crisper, leave them for another 2 or three minutes, being careful not to burn them!

Let cool on cooling racks and enjoy!  2 cookies is about 250 calories and 5 grams of protein.

Recipe adapted from Protein Monster Cookies






Hummus Two Ways: Jalepeno Cilantro & Lemon Dill

September 25th, 2011 § 3 comments § permalink

I decided to do a brown rice cleanse the past 7 days to break the bad habits that I had picked up over the summer, ie. everyday is our wedding day in Cuba (booze, booze, booze), potato chips are a main staple, and coke zero in the afternoon is a nice treat.  How easy it is to pick up those kinds of habits!  Shameful!

Well, it’s day 7 of said brown rice cleanse, and I’m no worse for ware.  I ate lovely whole grains, created my own version of potato chips, explored the amazing fruits and vegetables that are in season at this time of year (many from our very own garden), and cleaned out all those cobwebs to get ready to start a marathon training program this week.

One of the clean recipes that I enjoyed over the past 7 days was hummus, and to keep it interesting I kept putting a twist on this wonderful bean dip classic.  Jalepeno Cilantro and Lemon Dill were two of my favourites.

Yields:  about 2 cups
Prep Time:  10 minutes

1 14oz can organic garbanzo beans, rinsed
2 tablespoons organic tahini
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3-6 cloves of garlic
juice of 1 small lime
1 cup cilantro (or one healthy handful)
1 jalapeno pepper, seeds removed (if you like it extra spicy, leave a few seeds)
sea salt to taste (I used about 1 teaspoon)

**For the lemon dill version, replace the cilantro will fresh dill and the lime juice with the juice of one small lemon.  Do not include the jalepeno pepper.  Also note that photos of the dill version are not shown here.  I’m working on it though!

Process everything in a food processor until creamy.  Taste, season with salt and blend again until combined.

For my cleanse I enjoyed this dip with rice cakes topped with sprouts, tomatoes and avocado, or as a dip with Mary’s vegan Caraway Crackers.

It's time to bring out the old light box again! Dark kitchens = dark photos. Blah.


Cheesy Zucchini or Kale Chips

September 21st, 2011 § 5 comments § permalink

Potato chips are my most favourite food on the planet.  If they didn’t
have pretty much zero nutritional value and a silly high BAD fat
content, I think I would choose to live off them.  Sigh.  Ok, so I’ve
figured out a way to get around it.  Are you ready?

This mix works well with both kale and zucchini.  Don’t knock ‘em till
you’ve tried them.  You would never know these are kale or zucchini in
a blind taste test!  The chips will shrink down in the dehydrator
quite a bit, so I recommend using chunks of kale about 5” long and
zucchini no less than 3” in diameter (otherwise they will shrink to
pretty much nothing).  If skinny zucchinis are all you can find, don’t
let that stop you!  You can cut them on an angle to create a larger,
more substantial chip.

These chips do take about 24 hours to dehydrate, and make about 3-4
cups of zucchini chips, or about 5 cups of kale chips.

Prep Time:  30 minutes
Dehydration Time:  24 hours
Adapted from The Green Chefs

*note:  I make these in a food dehydrator, however Dalyn at The Best i Ever Had, has made them in the oven.

½ cup raw cashews, soaked at least 2 hours.
2 small red peppers chopped into chunks and seeds removed
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
1 teaspoon sea salt
5 cloves garlic
Juice of 1 lemon
3 medium-sized zucchini or 2 large bunches of kale

If you are using zucchini, slice them very thinly on a mandolin.  I did mine at .75mm.  For kale on the other hand, wash and spin in a salad spinner and tear into 5″ x 2″ pieces.  I don’t use the woody stem parts of the kale.  I tear the leaf off the stem.

Place all the ingredients (other than kale or zucchini) into a food processor and process until smooth (or as smooth as it’s going to get).  In a bowl, massage the mixture into the kale or the zucchini slices.  I hand place each piece onto the dehydrator tray rather than spreading them around by the handful, making sure that each chip well covered in the red pepper paste on both sides.  It takes a few minutes, but it’s WELL worth it.

Dehydrate at a about 135F for approximately 16-20 hours.  I usually put mine in the “oven” before going to bed, and then in the morning I flip each chip over.  Regardless, try to flip the chips over at about the 8-9 hour mark.  It just gets them extra crispy.

Let them cool before putting them in an airtight container for storage, if they make it that long!  Chippies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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